Here is a map of the Eyebeam gallery showing each room of Causal Encounters. Click on a shape to view thumbnails of the interiors.

CAUSAL ENCOUNTERS was an installation for Eyebeam Atelier in June 2009. The concept of the project is to spotlight the margins of the building, and to engage partygoers' desire to record and broadcast their good times. Causal Encounters is collection of small sets. These sets were a eulogy to the analog TV broadcasting station (R.I.P.) These sets were placed in the dusty leftover spaces within Eyebeam, accessed via climbing, jumping, or crawling. The proposal exploits the natural human desire to discover small, colorful spaces, particularly if they are challenging to access. Wigs, props, and sets were provided by the designers.

causal encounters

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Ouida Angelica Biddle:designer/ builder
Liliana Dirks-Goodman:co-designer/ builder
Michelle Antonisse: Set Designer
Shan Raoufi: Set Designer
Zari Esaian: builder
Jak Konig: builder
Brad Wilson: builder
Kikko Paradela: builder
Addi Schram: builder